I draw a Harvest Rune and
Seven of Lightening
You spread pentacles before me
And foreshadow some room
We study deep roots of a
Union Tree planted in that
Park we mourned at not long ago
Our hindsight littered with leaps

They said we were safe and
For the most part They were right
Corrected in a way
Since we saw what we saw and
Cannot go back
To the way it was before

Something in our foundation shifted
Undermined from above
No Seer or muse could
Convince or persuade us of
What was all too clear

Three of Doors
That’s for perception
I must learn to listen to those
Voices sometimes
Let them carry a tune
Shaman song born of
Great oceans now deserts
Full of old wise sage

Nine of Chance-reversed
Light did not bend after all
But collapsed in on itself
Only to fail when clouds of
Glitter obscured the moon
Portend of great ruin
Enigmatic doom not
Scriptured on ancient papyrus

We watch and wait
West together, East apart

Four of Blades
Ascending-a good sign
For blacksmiths and welders
I plan stone fountains
Despite this drought
Your tea leaves confirm me
Foundry inside casts
Hot molten love into
Sturdy alloy keepsakes
We quenched that fear long ago
In streams and rivers
Down South there is a flood

Ace of Saws
Earth quakes
When those mighty
Redwoods fall