Long Neck Bottle of Budweiser

Dave Simonson with Lucky Talerico
Sat around talking about the old days
And one time when they came home
On a truck full of Maryland Blue Crab

What was done exactly remains unclear
But it duly earned them the succulent prize
Of two bushels which they proceeded to boil up
At 2AM on an early summer Friday morning

Quite a racket noisily rose from searching
Through cupboard after cupboard
For a box of Old Bay Seasoning and
The popping of long neck bottles of Bud

Lucky was usually a happy drunk
But when one of the crabs made a break
And latched onto Talerico’s toe
A shout went up to raise the dead which

Happened to be dearly departed
Uncle Fred laid out in the living room
Marion and Ada came down night gowned
To see what the commotion was about

Rosie stayed in bed nursing little Mark
Her black and purple swollen right eye shut
Marion scolding found her way back to
The pantry for some real Chesapeake spice

Ada couldn’t stop laughing at Lucky
Now bleeding while dancing a frantic jig
Davie sat Markie on his great big knee
And gave baby buddy his first real sip.